Make a day with Mater Dei School of Bangkok

On Friday, March 15 2024, the Tarsisius 2 High School teacher team had the opportunity to visit the Materdei Bangkok school. Since morning the teachers have been preparing and leaving the accommodation at 08.00 local time using 2 rental vehicles. The group consisted of Mr. Andreas as the principal, then Mr. Adi as the deputy principal, the teachers namely Mr. Bambang, Mr. Doharman, Mr. Widi, Mr. Bram, Mrs. Herning, Mrs. Lilis, Mrs. Dewi, Mrs. Jane, Mrs. Woro, Mrs. Gisel, Mrs. Romana and Mrs. Risti and accompanied by Mrs. Anas.

We arrived promptly at 09.00, according to the time provided to us. As we expected, this school is very large. We walked quite a distance to reach the room where we were holding the event. And there is one thing we just found out, that it is currently summer in Bangkok. This is what makes their school year different from that in Indonesia. Their learning year starts in May and ends in February, because March and April are the peak of summer.

Photo of the Tarsisius 2 High School teacher team and the teacher team from Materdei School, Bangkok

After gathering in the meeting room, the event began with remarks from Mrs. Tina-Marie Paladiganont, followed by introductions of the Materdei school team members who were present. We were given a great opportunity, starting with Mrs. Herning as MC for us, then a speech from Mr. Andreas who continued to introduce the members.

The event continued with the presentation of material from Mrs. Tina-Marie Paladiganont using a slide show, starting from the history of its founding, the size and function of the existing area, the school curriculum, the number of students and teacher staff and employees, school hours, the role of parents and several other very important things. good for providing input for SMA Tarsisius 2. After the description we were given the opportunity to ask questions. Our discussions were quite warm and exciting and we gained very valuable new experiences.

After the question and answer session, we were given the opportunity to tour the school, see the school area and the existing rooms and their functions. We divided into two groups, where one group consisting of 12 of our teachers went around, while Mr. Andreas, Mr. Adi and Mrs. Herning together with Materdei school leaders did the podcas.

After the podcast event, as well as after the tour, we gathered again in the meeting room. We express our gratitude and are happy to receive a good experience. Then the Materdei school gave mementos to each of our members, and we also handed over plaques featuring photos of our teachers.

mementos from materdei school

plaque from tarcisius 2 high school

The event continued with lunch prepared by the host. The menu provided is quite varied and very tasty. We are very grateful. And finally we withdrew, asking the host to say goodbye. Hopefully next time we can visit and meet again. Thank You.

Andreas Johanes

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